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Thank you

You did what? You joined our Patreon at £5 or £10 delete as appropriate as you read this?

Bless your cottons. We very much appreciate you and your help in keeping Standard Issue trucking. 

What a bunch of smashers

Diana Smith; Emily Radulescu; Angela Johnston; Sharon Colley; Kara Kohlmann; Michelle Birch; Karen Clare; Stephanie Bollard; Rebecca Bennett; Louise; Hayley; Melanie Panagi; Catherine Simpson; Forrester; Jen Simpson; Clair Griffiths; Helen Bates; Pauline Mably; Katy Gallop; Catherine Brunton; Nicola Oliver; Julie Gibb; Hazel Davis; Yosra Osman; Emma Creasey; Sophie-Anne Stanton; Amy Richards; Nicky Turner; Angela Hillan; Jo Moores; Liz S; Pene Thornton; Debbi McCall; Diane Turner; Chloe Hixon; Roxanne Lock; Claire McKay; Mags Lehane; Lee-anne Rudd; Rose Jennings-O'Connor; Beatrice; Cerys March; Chris Gardmann; Stacey Lowe; Laura McManus; Roz Bowden; Maria Scullion; Kate Francis; Nicky Turner; Angela Morton; Jenny Hansson; Caroline Quy; Elayne Harris; L-J Evans; M; Babs Rigby; Orlagh McIlveen

More to come...

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